Over the past few years, YLES has strengthened its position as one of the biggest entrepreneurial events in Asia. Students from all over the world are brought together in a conducive environment that allows them to blossom and truly fulfills their potential. The event allows them to network excessively with each other and even leading industry experts and equips them with the necessary skills required for a successful entrepreneurial journey.

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LES 2020 – Onwards

YLES provides youth with an international platform where they can display their stellar entrepreneurial potential, not only to their peers and mentors, but also to industry leaders and top entrepreneurs from various sectors. This year, we are expanding our vision to take YLES to new horizons: beyond Asia, defying all borders, uniting like minded individuals.

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Shaheer Akhtar

LES 2020 – Onwards

YLES has always been more than just a 5-day competition. This year, though, we’re striving harder than ever to make it an episode that truly harnesses all that our best young entrepreneurs have to offer. From some of the most exciting YLES rounds ever to insane socials on the gorgeous campus of LUMS, we aren’t kidding when we say this is going to be the biggest YLES to date.

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We are proud to have forged over 100 partnerships with leading companies like Pepsi, Oglivy, PakLaunch, Akhuwat and more. We look forward to expanding our professional portfolio through collaborations with other organizations.

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