YLES: A journey beyond experience

YLES: A journey beyond experience

What is YLES?

Currently titled South Asia’s largest entrepreneurial contest, the Young Leaders’ and Entrepreneurs’ Summit (YLES) has for 14 years been empowering, inspiring, and motivating the youth of Pakistan to strive for innovation in the field of entrepreneurship. Within its history, YLES has had the pleasure of hosting an immensely large body of international and national students as participants. Those who take part are offered an incomparable platform which fosters the enhancement of strategic thinking, leadership skills and managerial abilities- effectively allowing individuals to experience a life changing journey.

YLES: a legacy of 13 years being carried forward

Previously, YLES has been sponsored by some of Pakistan’s biggest multinational corporations including but not limited to: Telenor, Borjan and Changhong Ruba. These companies send resources and personnel which help optimize the learning experience of participants. YLES also helps individuals gain clarity regarding their aims and aspirations, giving them a head start in leading the change they want to see in the world by providing unparalleled networking opportunities and one-to-one interactions with top corporate executives, parliamentarians, and entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

What is new this year?

From time and time again, YLES has proven to be unmatchable in nature and progressiveness. Most recently, it has embarked on its cultural exchange program held exclusively for the international delegates. The program consists of greatly beneficial workshops which focus on digital editing and cryptocurrency, informative visits to entrepreneurial hubs of Pakistan, meeting social enterprises and going on cultural trips. YLE is currently expecting delegations from Turkey, UAE and Sri Lanka- allowing the program to not only broaden YLES’ global outreach but also create an exceptionally diverse atmosphere for all individuals to interact in.


Is YLES internationally recognized?

Apart from that, YLES’ Social Enterprise Round is also now affiliated with the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) which provides a globally recognized platform to bring together social enterprise champions from all over the world to collaborate, share best practice and plan upcoming developments. Additionally, to emulate business practices abroad, YLES has taken the liberty to include a “jury style” phase two in the “Strategic Business Management” round- this is the first time such practices are being introduced in Pakistan!

Who will you meet and what events will ensue?

Lastly, to ensure an authentic entrepreneurial experience for the participants, the first phase of “Networking Night” has been revamped to increase your networking opportunities and there have been an increased number of incubations in “Idea Den”. Moreover, there will be a stock market simulation in “Investomania” round which will now hold a greater number of commodities and participants will be experiencing a marketing rebranding simulation for the first time in “Brand Rush”. All of these newly implemented changes will surely ensure a noteworthy event for everyone.

Kudos to the Artists:

The action-packed business events aside, YLES hosts equally exciting social events, including a concert from the some of greatest musicians in the industry including Farhan Saeed and Akcent. Last year, YLES brought Strings to LUMS for the 2nd time which only fuels the curiosity regarding who will be performing next! And that’s not all, you will also be served refreshments and have the opportunity to network with all the judges and the experienced professionals that will be at the event as well.


So the only question that remains is will we be seeing you at YLES? Register here:

Register here: https://yles.lums.edu.pk/index.php/registration-forms-yles-17/