Social Events


Opening Ceremony 

Are you ready to experience the goosebumps of excitement? The adrenaline rush of hitting the jackpot? Then, let’s begin this business battle which is going to be a ride of your lives. 


Networking Night

From the concert to the dinner, YLES will engage you in exhilarating social events every night. Networking Night is the only social where you learn and have fun hand in hand. There is nothing more important for an entrepreneur than to network with the right people at the right time. Passionate aspirants such as you would have an excellent opportunity to learn from the success story of our guest speaker and find the most valuable thing a budding businessman could ask for. Moreover, this event will give you a platform to interact one-on-one with corporate executives, who, through various activities, will show you that the corporate world isn’t just serious business. So who knows, you might just end up working alongside some of them. So gear up! 



Meet and Greet

Experience the entire nation’s cultural diversity at one place at one time. We have exciting activities planned for you to socials and interact with members from across the globe!



Surprise Event

Tighten your seat belts, grab your best friends hand and turn your snapchat on as we remove your blind fold and reveal our secret surprise to you!



Think you can pull those moves off? Are you ready to get lost in the moment? Witness a sensational concert that will put you in a trance with your favorite people! Experience a musical performance of one of the best musicians of Pakistan. Who knows? Backstage action, selfies with the lead singers and Tumblr photos, you can’t keep track because we have several things in store for you.





Closing Dinner

A beautiful end that is just the beginning of new friendships, everlasting memories and precious experiences. Join us as we bid you the final farewell from our side.