Rules and Regulations

  All delegates must follow the guidelines strictly to avoid any unfortunate consequences. Any violation of the rules may lead to heavy fines and strict actions at the discretion of LUMS Security Team & YLES Host Team.

Registration Policies

  • Each team must provide a bonafide letter of consent from their respective institution. The letter must be on the institutions’ official letterhead along with its stamp and the signature of the Faculty Advisor/Principal.All private teams must be currently enrolled in a recognized educational institution and must state their school names in the registration form or the team may not qualify for a successful registration.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Each delegate must at least be in o-level/matric 1st year or beyond (A-level/University) to apply.
  • Each team should consist of 4-5 delegates and must participate in all Business Events.
  • The bonafide letter and all other relevant documents along with the registration fee must be submitted within the stipulated time period. Failure to adhere to the deadlines will result in immediate disqualification of the team.
  • No registrations will be entertained after the deadline, under any circumstances.
  • All payments made to the LUMS Entrepreneurial Society (LES) are non-refundable.
  • All delegations must be finalized by 18th November 2018. No request of any changes to the team will be entertained after this date. No cross-gender replacement will be entertained at any point during the registration phase.
  • The short-listed teams are chosen at the discretion of the LUMS Entrepreneurial Society (LES) and are not open to discussion.
  • The Registration Department reserves the right to reject any team or individual at any stage of the registration process.
  • The Registration Department reserves the right to add to or amend the rules of registrations at any point in time. However, any amendments will be made public before they are exercised and delegates will be given due notice.

Delegate Code of Conduct

  • All delegates must respect the LUMS Community, YLES Host Team & fellow delegates attending the event.
  • All delegates must not cause any harm to LUMS Property as any act of vandalism will meet dire consequences.
  • Any unethical behavior or criminal activity shall not be tolerated by the YLES Host Team and will be reported to relevant authorities immediately.
  • All delegates are responsible for their own actions and behavior and YLES Host Team does not take responsibility for any misconduct on participant’s part.
  • All delegates should carry Identification tags on them at all times for Identification purposes. Any delegate without an ID tag may be asked to leave the LUMS premises immediately.
  • Entry of unregistered external guests into LUMS is strictly prohibited and subject to heavy fines.
  • Smoking in covered areas and no smoking zones is strictly prohibited.
  • Possession of drugs, alcohol and any substance use is strictly prohibited.
LUMS administration and YLES Host Team will not be responsible for any valuables lost. However, the participants may report their lost possessions at the Lost and Found (Security Office, next to IN gate) so that it may returned to them if found.