Business Events

Business Events


"Think Big, Think fast, Think ahead, Ideas are no one’s monopoly” - (H. Ambani). There is one thing common in all the success stories – a great idea. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Have an idea that can change the world? Then this is it! This is the platform to be a part of. Idea Junction is the paramount event of YLES where you will develop your ideas and watch them take form. This year Idea Junction will have 3 rounds, each of which aim to refine your idea and harness your potential. You will pitch, design, and present the business idea that you bring to YLES, developing your own abilities and your idea along the way. Come and impress our judges and potentially get your idea incubated!


Learn the real crux of Investing and Finance through our Special Edition Event, ‘Investomania’. Through two fast-paced rounds, this event will indulge you in the depths of trading where we bring to you a simulation of the stock market. You will act like a real investor and, like all investors you will get to decide how and where to invest your money and also experience the outcomes of your decisions. Be careful though, your decisions could either profit you by more than a 100%, or choke you!


You cannot run a start up without knowing how to properly brand it, can you? Branding is the key to winning consumers’ hearts. Rather than limiting your start-ups to marketing through advertisements and social media, ‘Battle of the Brands’ and ‘Resurge’, the two exhilarating rounds of this event teach you how to brand your products through posters, banners, games, samples, and much more. Each team will have their own stall where they will be required to represent their brand. Use your creative minds and think outside the box. At the end of the day, let’s see if your brand can survive.


This business event will test your persuasive and marketing skills. We combine your innovation and your creativeness in ad-making, to bring you a round that will not only enhance your learning but also keep you engaged. Through 2 exhilarating rounds, we will make you the experts of advertisements, where you will respond to a real-life crisis situation and get to learn the crux of effective ad making. So keep those innovative wheels rolling because these might just become your 15 minutes of fame.


Did you ever think about how your actions impact the world at large? Ever thought about meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs? Well this is your chance to come up with the answers to these questions and be the next Google green. The social sustainability rounds will provide you the opportunity to come up with a business idea that is financially practical and simultaneously helps the society at large. This challenge is designed to highlight the significance of promoting social responsibility and recognizing outstanding student entrepreneurs in the field of social sustainability


Envision running your own company one day? Strategic Business Management tests your analytical and decision-making skills, and gauges your sense of entrepreneurship, quick thinking, and leadership. This event is comprised of two pressure driven case study rounds, both of which can only be solved through a flawless combination of teamwork, quick problem solving, confidence and lastly a strategic mindset!