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Social Events OPENING CEREMONY: It is that time of the year again when you get to explore your hidden entrepreneurial skills. Let’s embark on a journey to learn from some of the best experts in the field of business management. So come join us at the opening ceremony of YLES’17 and be among those who witness the highlights of the four day endeavour which will show you what makes an entrepreneur stand out. What is unique about YLES 2017? Waiting to have a glimpse of the extravagant trophy? This is your chance to learn all this and more.  SO LET THE GAMES BEGIN! NETWORKING NIGHT From the concert to the dinner, YLES will engage you in exhilarating social events every night. Networking Night is the only social where you learn and have fun hand in hand. There is nothing more important for an entrepreneur than to network with the right people at the right time. Passionate aspirers such as you would have an excellent opportunity to learn from the success story of our guest speaker and find the most valuable thing a budding businessman could ask for. Moreover, this event will give you a platform to interact one-on-one with corporate executives, who, through various activities, will show you that the corporate world isn’t just serious business. So who knows, you might just end up working alongside some of them. So gear up! SURPRISE EVENT Tired from all the business rounds? Just want to chill with your friends? Don’t worry, we got you covered. To give you a night actually worth remembering, one of the sorts that will leave you awed and wanting for more, we’ll give you a surprise event you won’t forget. From food stalls to Music to even getting a chance to dance with your friends, this event has it all! And not just this, we have for you some more surprises… but where’s the fun if we tell you what they are right now? CONCERT Think you can pull the grooves off? Or are you among the ones who easily get lost in the moment? Regardless, witness a sensational, once in a lifetime concert with your friends! Experience a musical performance of one of the best musicians of Pakistan… or maybe we might go international again this year around. Who knows? So get ready to party on in the neon lights and head bang to the crazy upbeat roar that the YLES’17 concert has in store for you. CLOSING DINNER After four days of exhilaration, exhaustion, learning and understanding you will say good-bye to us in the last event of YLES 2017. The closing ceremony, each year with a new and even more kickass theme, is our formal dinner and awards night. The ceremony gives you the winner (and the exciting prizes), a jovial environment and a good amount of tasty food. So come join us one last time to eternalize an experience that you will never forget! Get your suits and dresses ready and make those heads turn!!

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