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“Think Big, Think fast, Think ahead, Ideas are no one’s monopoly” (H. Ambani). There is one thing common in all the success stories – a great idea. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Have an idea that can change the world? Then this is it! This is the platform to be a part of! Idea Junction is our flagship event where you get to fine-tune your idea. This year around Idea junction will have 4 rounds, namely Elevator Pitch, BMC, Presentations and a special edition question and answer round, which will make your idea go through extensive grilling until it is brought out to the best of its potential. Impress us.



Did you ever think about how your actions impact the world at large? Ever thought about meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs? Well this is your chance to come up with the answers to these questions and be the next Google green. The social sustainability rounds, which include Social Impact and the Social Entrepreneurship Challenge, will provide you the opportunity to come up with such a business idea that is both financially feasible and also addresses the social issues of health and well-being, nutrition, shelter, education and many more. This challenge is designed to highlight the significance of promoting social responsibility and recognizing outstanding student entrepreneurs in the field of social sustainability.



You can’t run a start up without knowing how to properly brand it, can you? This is exactly what Brand Rush will teach you! Rather than limiting your start-ups to marketing through advertisements and social media, Brand Wars and Brand Wizards, the two exhilarating rounds of this Event, go all the way into teaching you how to market your idea through posters, banners, games, samples and honestly whatever you can think of. Given this round is expo-centric, we’ll give you your space - you just have to make sure your space attracts us the most. Use those creative minds and think outside the box. At the end of the day, let’s see if your brand can survive.



This business Event will test your persuasive and marketing skills. This year, we are combining your innovation from Idea Junction with your creativeness in ad-making, to bring you a round that will not only enhance your learning but also keep you engaged. Through 3 exhilarating rounds, Ad-Making, Press Release and finally the Battle of the Conglomerates, we will make you get in to the depths of advertisements, where you will get to discuss the most controversial promotional campaigns and combine diverse businesses to present one cohesive idea. So keep those innovative wheels rolling because these might just become your 15 minutes of fame.




Learn the real crux of Investing and Finance through our Special Edition Event, Investomania!  Through two fast-paced rounds, Gold Rush and Find the Zero, this event will indulge you in the depths of trading where you will experience a real stimulation market. You will act like a real company. Like all companies, you will get to decide how and where to invest your money and then experience the outcomes of your decisions. Be careful though, your decisions could either profit the company by more than a 100%, or choke it to it last breaths.

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